Your Rights Under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code

The Federal Bankrtupcy laws contain certain rights to which citizens are legally entitled.  The United States Congress created these rights within the Bankruptcy Code to provide citizens with direct avenues to free themselves from the burden of overwhelming debt, thereby maintaining a hopeful and productive society.    This idealism is founded on the premise that hopeful and productive individuals are better neighbors, more loving parents, more reliable friends and stronger, more involved community citizens.  Some of those rights include:

  • the right to a “fresh start” from a financial perspective.
  • the right to terminate creditor harassment and certain debt related law suits
  • the right to discharge certain debts and lower your monthly payments on others
  • the right to relinquish certain contractual obligations
  • the right to retain certain property
  • the right to relinquish encumbered properties and their associated liens
  • the right to protect your co-signers from liability in your bankruptcy

Claiming your rights under the Bankruptcy Code can provide real and immediate benefit.  If you have more bills than you can pay, if your home-equity has become a liability, if you are facing foreclosure and creditor harassment, contact Kight Law.  We can help you understand how bankruptcy works.  If you are considering bankruptcy, please be sure to read these sections in our website: