The 30% debt settlement myth debunked.

Will you bank take a financial haircut on your loan?
Will you bank take a financial haircut on your loan?
There’s a myth floating around that debt collectors will settle a debt for 50% or even 30% of the amount owed because they’d rather get “something instead of nothing.” Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. As an Asheville debt settlement lawyer I feel it is my duty to debunk this prevalent myth.
Diligent debt collectors, of which there are many, will settle a debt only to the extent that they believe it is in their best interests. Debt collectors have an arsenal of weapons to use against a debtor. At the worst they can obtain a judgment and, if the debtor owns a home in the county in which the judgment was obtained, force a sale of the debtor’s home to satisfy the debt. Although there is no wage garnishment in NC a debt collector with a judgment can garnish proceeds on deposit in a debtor’s bank account. A debt collector with a judgment can even take and sell your car!
Given that a debt collector has these weapons in its arsenal, it may not agree to settle a debt for a low amount. For example, if you have a really nice vehicle and/or a lot of equity in your home, a debt collector may determine that it is better served selling your house and/or vehicle to satisfy the debt than to accept a low payment.
You may reasonably ask how a creditor knows what assets you have. There are many ways. the most common method is simply to ask. These days, before I even attempt to settle a debt with a debt collector I ask my client to provide a detailed list of his or her assets. This is because most creditors won’t settle without first looking at a the debtor’s asset list (or a “personal financial statement.”) So, I can advise my client on how much of a financial “haircut” a creditor may be willing to take before I even call. If I have a client with almost no assets I can be more confident about settling for a small percentage than if my client has lots of valuable assets.
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