Are personal injury proceeds protected?

I often respond to questions posed by anonymous individuals on Recently, someone asked the following question: “In NC, can a Credit Card Co with a judgement against you lien or garnish an accident injury settlement paid to you?“ Here is my response: In NC, proceeds received from a personal...

The Party I’m Suing Filed Bankruptcy

Most of my posts are written for people who have or who are considering filing for bankruptcy protection. This is because, as an Asheville bankruptcy lawyer, a large portion of my practice involves representing individuals and businesses who file bankruptcy. In other words, I represent a lot of debtors. But,...

What You Should Know About Bankruptcy Document Preparers

No. Don’t do it. You really should get an attorney. That sounds self-serving doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s true. Bankruptcy is like most anything else: there are hard cases, easy cases, and in between cases. With some research and time some people with simple cases can file bankruptcy on their own,...

How long will a bankruptcy be on my credit report?

10 years. As an Asheville bankruptcy lawyer, this may be the most common question I’m asked. The answer is simple. The reality is a little more complex. When you receive a bankruptcy discharge each creditor that you owed money to must report the debt differently. Specifically, each of your creditors...

The facts about student loans and bankruptcy.

Student loans are the bane of a generation. According to the New York Federal Reserve Board, there are currently 37 million student loan borrowers. Of those borrowers, the under-30 age group has 14 million student loan borrowers. Another 10.6 million borrowers are in the 30-39 age group. Student loans account...

Will my bankruptcy be published in the newspaper?!

Probably not. Even if it is, you shouldn’t care. Here’s the deal: A bankruptcy filing is public. With the rare exception of pleadings filed under seal (usually done in criminal cases or in legal matters in which sensitive matters such as medical issues are revealed) all legal pleadings, including bankruptcy...

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