What is a chapter 20 bankruptcy?

As an Asheville bankruptcy law specialist I occasionally file chapter 20 bankruptcy cases. You might ask, “What is a chapter 20 bankruptcy case?” In fact, if you’ve read my last blog post about the various bankruptcy chapters you will reasonable say, “There’s no such chapter in the bankruptcy code!” You’re...

What are the various bankruptcy chapters?

As an Asheville bankruptcy lawyer I’m occasionally asked how many chapters there are in bankruptcy. More often, I’m asked what a bankruptcy chapter is. It’s pretty simple. The bankruptcy code is one part of the United States Code (“USC”), which encompasses all of the Federal statutes. Our federal statutes are...

Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Law 2014

Kight Law Office, PC – Asheville, NC – Kight Law is proud to announce that Board Certified Bankruptcy Legal Specialist Rod Kight has written a chapter for the recently released Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Law 2014: Top Lawyers on Trends and Key Strategies for the Upcoming Year, published by Thomson...

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