The 30% debt settlement myth debunked.

Will you bank take a financial haircut on your loan? There’s a myth floating around that debt collectors will settle a debt for 50% or even 30% of the amount owed because they’d rather get “something instead of nothing.” Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. As an Asheville debt settlement...

Can I reaffirm my mortgage in a NC Bankruptcy?

Can we reaffirm our home mortgage? As an Asheville bankruptcy attorney I am often asked if mortgage loans can be reaffirmed. The short answer is no. The longer answer is that reaffirmation is a specific statutory process in which you agree to be bound by a certain debt after the...

What is a chapter 20 bankruptcy?

As an Asheville bankruptcy law specialist I occasionally file chapter 20 bankruptcy cases. You might ask, “What is a chapter 20 bankruptcy case?” In fact, if you’ve read my last blog post about the various bankruptcy chapters you will reasonable say, “There’s no such chapter in the bankruptcy code!” You’re...

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