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Acquiring a modification of the terms of your original mortgage is many times the best possible outcome for a family faced with foreclosure. If your mortgage is past due or about to become so, working toward loan modification is one possibility for homeowners.The application process is intense and the potential for error with the document submission is great. The process of delay caused by lenders’ unclear communication can cause nearly insurmountable problems, especially if your home is in foreclosure. The status of your loan modification will generally not waylay a suit for foreclosure.

If successful, a modification could result in a lower interest rate, reduced or deferred principal balance, and a lower monthly payment. Any arrearages on the loan will be capitalized into the balance of your loan, and the loan will be brought current thereby eliminating the threat of foreclosure.

It is important to note that a borrower can apply for a modification at any point before or during the foreclosure process before your home has been sold. In North Carolina, a foreclosure action is not necessarily stalled because you are negotiating loan modification with your lender, but your chances of avoiding foreclosure are greater.

An experienced and skilled foreclosure defense attorney can manage your application and the pending foreclosure so that your loan modification efforts are not in vain.

Laura Ceva can help you through the process, negotiate with your bank and file accurate and complete paperwork in a timely fashion, providing you with a much stronger chance of success than you will have without representation. The process of defending against foreclosure and assisting clients through loan modification more often than not happens at the same time.

Laura Ceva is an experienced mortgage foreclosure and loan modification lawyer. Whether you have started the process on your own and hit a brick wall, or you are just researching modification possibilities, a consultation with Laura can provide you with answers to your questions and open doors to options you may not be aware of. Call Laura today to discuss loan modification and other options available to save your property from foreclosure and default.

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