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From receiving your first letter from an attorney threatening foreclosure to having a foreclosure sale date on the horizon, Laura Ceva can step in as your advocate and help you navigate the court process. In North Carolina, most lenders opt to foreclose under a “Power of Sale.” A power of sale foreclosure is a more basic process than your typical lawsuit. Instead of appearing before a Superior Court Judge, you appear before a Clerk or Assistant Clerk of Court. In this court process, the Clerks can only consider a few limited facts before deciding if the lender is allowed to set a date to sell your property at foreclosure.

Laura can appear on your behalf and ask the Clerk to postpone the foreclosure process while you are working towards a resolution with the lender. Laura will also review the paperwork submitted by the lender to the Clerk for completeness and object to any inconsistencies or faulty information presented.

No matter what part of the court process you are facing, Laura will assure that you are fervently represented and work towards keeping your property from being sold at foreclosure. If you are facing a pending sale date, Laura Ceva can work with you to negotiate for a postponement while you are attempting to resolve the delinquency through some kind of loss mitigation process (loan modification, short sale, etc.). There are avenues available to qualified homeowners to save your property even if you are up against a foreclosure sale date. The worst thing a property owner can do is give up. Laura can assure that you have explored every available option before that happens.

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